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Episode 6: Why Latinas Need to Rethink Their Finances | Yoly Magaña-Valencia | Latinas Who Trade.

Why Latinas Need to Rethink Their Finances.

For Episode 6 of Say Hola Wealth Podcast, we discuss why Latinas need to rethink their finances, featuring Yoly Magaña-Valencia | Latinas Who Trade.

Yoly Magaña-Valencia, MBA, Real Estate Finance & Investments, Author | Money, and Business
Coach is a consultant at a Global Real Estate and Investment Management firm headquartered in Chicago.
She is currently based out of Miami and Chicago, and serves as Engagement Officer for Casa Central’s
Emerging Leaders Auxiliary Board.

Yoly is excited to lead work that emphasizes on education and social service to improve underserved and
underrepresented communities. She is on a mission to change the narrative among Latine and Wealth.
She is the founder of Latinas Who Trade. Latinas Who Trade was created to provide financial literacy
education and resources to our community who are interested in learning about building generational
wealth, investing, proper retirement planning, and proper protection.

You can follow Yoly on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

This episode with Yoly was so impactful, and she took us back to what it’s like to grow up in a traditional Latino household where the Mujeres are expected to keep quiet and raise children. The amount of courage Yoly had to have to decide to go back to school to finish her MBA and reinvest herself is so inspiring. Fun fact, I met Yoly via Instagram, and she was the person who introduced me to the publisher that invited me to be part of Today’s Inspired Latina Volume X.

Episode 6 Highlights

  • Yoly’s Money Story- how she overcame the cultural expectations.
  • Why we need to rethink the way we view finances.
  • How as first-gen investors, we have the responsibility to help our community.
  • How managing your finances can lead you to have the freedom to do what you love.
  • How to build your financial home.
  • And much more!

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