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Episode 25: Key Strategies To Grow An Online Business | Wendy Ramirez |Lovingly Bold.

Do you have the vision to create generational wealth? Is launching a business part of your wealth-building strategy? Not sure if launching a business is for you? Then this episode is for you!

Wendy is the visionary and founder of Lovingly Bold an education and marketing consulting business where she leads the creation of custom strategies for Entrepreneurs who are ready to boldly up-level their business growth. Collectively Wendy has served over 150 online entrepreneurs in over ten countries. She has a degree in business concentrated on marketing and over ten years of marketing, sales, and team management experience.

Episode Highlights:

  • Wendy’s money story.
  • How to find out if coaching is for you.
  • The mindset around entrepreneurship.
  • The power of welcoming questions to grow your business.
  • How to trust your intuition to launch a course or a group.
  • The power of investing in yourself.
  • Why do you need to take action rather than spending time planning
  • The vision of having a multi-dimensional business.

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