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Thinking about launching or growing an online business, but I wonder if what you see online is REAL. I got it and was there, too; I was following so many online experts telling me their way to make money was the BEST or ONLY way to have a profitable coaching business.
After nearly three years of investing in myself and my business, I have learned so many things that I wanted to share with you, so if you are thinking of launching or growing your online business but not sure where to start, this podcast episode is for you:

Episode highlights:

  • Overcoming the Fear of failure.
  • The mindset shift around “Que van decir la Gente.”
  • The mindset about, “I am not qualified enough, or I need to have a certification or degree.”
  • The jealousy comes when other online coaches win and the power of self-coaching.
  • The power of investing in yourself and becoming the BEST student
  • The mindset that comes with hiring help and balancing motherhood and a business.
  • The power of community to grow your business.
  • The importance of having a vision for your business, understanding cash flow, and reinvesting in your business.

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I want to add that entrepreneurship is for those ambitious Mujeres ready to crash their income potential. If this sounds like you, let’s chat! I would love to help you learn about the possibilities of how you can create your own income.

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