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Episode 21: How To Be In Control Of Your Finances | Luzy King.

Learning to manage your finances as a first gen Latina or immigrant sounds so easy, yet often many busy Mujeres can’t simply take control of their dinero. Why is that?

Luzy is passionate about teaching busy Mujeres why embracing their money story can become pivotal to help them learn more about their money mindset and take control of their finances once and for all.
In this episode, Luzy guides you through a step-by-step process on what you need to do, and she also talks about the transformation one of her private clients has had since joining the Viva La Investing Program.

If you want to learn six money tips to help you be in control of your finances, this episode is for you.

Episode Highlights:

Embracing your money story can be pivotal for your overall wealth-building journey.
What is a financial vision.
What are wealthy pillars.
Why you must use a pay-yourself-budget method.
Best ways to increase your income without hustling.
How to lower your monthly expenses.
How to use automation to help you achieve your financial goals faster.
Why you must celebrate small wins.

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