What can the power of taking care of your finances do for you?

How about, increasing your income, feeling confident when negotiating your salary, and the possibility of not having to work until you are 65 years old?

My signature program, Viva La Investing financial coaching is perfect for those busy Mujeres who want to pay off debt, and become investors. 

I work with Latinas and WOC, just like you to help them overcome money-limiting beliefs, pay off debt, and become investors.

And I can do the same for you!

What's involved?

Viva La Investing Financial Coaching is a three-month commitment where you'll learn...

Money Mindset

I meet you where you are and help you learn to feel more confident with your money

Automation and Systems

We go over the accounts, systems and tools you can use to automate wealth

1st Time Investing

I'll teach you about the stock market and ways to protect & build your wealth

Paying Off Debt

You'll learn how to ditch the fear and make a plan for your debt and investing journey


Here's what our past clients are saying...

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