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Episode 7: " How To Launch An Online Business- Solo Episode.

In this episode, Luzy talks about the most important things you need to have if you are thinking about launching an online business and some of the mistakes she made while navigating the online space.


Does this sound like you?

You've watched your parents work so hard your whole life knowing they're still living paycheck-to paycheck...

So you’re 100% convinced that’s the only way to live. You went to college, have a career, some savings and yet… you’re repeating those same cycles of worry & fear with money.

Maybe you’ve heard of investing or passive income, but you still believe the only way to build wealth is by working long and low-paid hours with little return for your effort. 

You know deep inside that you want to live beyond your ancestor’s wildest dreams but “the struggle” and cultural shame seems so rooted in who you are as a Latina woman…


Wouldn't it fill your heart to:


Say Hola Wealth Was Created For You, Mujer!

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Luzy King is the founder and creator behind Say Hola Wealth

As a fellow first-gen college graduate and first-gen investor, we believe now more than ever you need to learn about personal finance. The income from your 9-5 isn’t enough and it’s vital that you understand how to invest!

“I got the systems you need to automate your budget, investments and overcome those limiting beliefs keeping you from earning your potential.”


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